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How to Use a Fertilizer spreader

This is a very popular question that many people who want their lawn to be healthy, greener, and more plush than the guy next door is bound to ask. There are two very important things that you need to know about using a fertilizer spreader. The first thing you need is a good understanding of what is going on with your soil, and if you haven't already, order a soil test online so that you will know what type of fertilizer ratio that will work best for YOUR soil condition. You can find more information about fertilizer and their ratios here.

Once you have educated yourself on which nutrients YOUR soil needs, you can then concentrate on the task of evenly distributing it with the help of a broadcast fertilizer spreader.

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Types of Broadcast Spreaders

Fortunately, there are many ways to distribute fertilizer over a lawn. For very small yards, you can buy the belly style carry spreader that you turn the handle and it uses your arm power to spin a disc that spreads the fertilizer. This is not the most pleasant way to do this (be sure to wear safety goggles and long clothes), so for anything larger than a small yard applications, you will want to involve a garden tractor, atv, utv, or a full size tractor with a PTO or a ground driven mechanism.

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*** If you do not clean your fertilizer spreader very good and put vegetable oil on the moving components, it doesn't matter if it is made of metal or poly, the moving parts will be seized up and it will not work the next time you go to use it.
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